Saturday, October 20, 2012

Raw Food Energy Benefits A Must Read Site

During our usual interactions and networking with fellow members of various Social Media Networks I constantly come across wonderful sites, and content  that I am forced to write about and promote them for the sheer Quality of the content, and invaluable information that they divulge! Raw Food Energy Benefits is one such site which made me sit up and post this short review and appreciation post. While interacting on my favorite Social Business Co-operative site at Kooiii where you can read my profile at My Kooiii Profile .

About Cher Fauvel
I came to getting to know Cher Fauvel there at Kooiii. Her ­passion is­ health an­d wellness. She also is a ­Holistic T­herapist a­nd Raw Foo­d Coach. She is also an­ Artist an­d writer. You can read more about her at - Kooiii here at Cher Fauvel or at Facebook Raw Energy with Cher Fauvel.

The reason I had a short review of this site and dedicated this post for her and the wonderful site, is that most of the time we are reading about Food, Vegetables, Fruits, their benefits, various calorie counts, and end up doing nothing. It becomes only a part of reading. What made me take notice and pick up this site and try and make the most of it is the certain bits of information that hits you hard. There is so much to read, learn and use for yourself that as she says "Raw Food Energy Benefits Will Change Your Life"  

Sign-up for the wonderful Raw News - Juicy Info and Health Reports which is just wonderful!  

You can watch her short Introductory video Raw Energy for Life...below.

Each link and menu on the site has so much information in store, that I would recommend you take some time to go through the site at length, which will give you the advantage of teally taking full advantage of the site and the wonderful information available there. 

Won't take much your your valuable time and allow you all to check it out yourselves! One thing for sure I will recommend this to all Health concious friends of mine and re-post it to all my social Media Friends! 

A big thank you to Cher Fauvel for giving us this wonderful site! Look forward to being in association with this site and the information for long!

Thank you Cher Fauvel!

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