Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Thai Cooking Classes at Bangkok Thai Cooking Academy!

Thai Cooking Classes

Get the the best of both worlds. Learn authentic Thai cooking and also Eat what you Cook so you know how good a cook you are! At at - Bangkok Thai Cooking Academy!

Read more about - Bangkok Thai Cooking Academy! and their classes here !


We teach Thai cooking, but not in a stuffy, formal manner. Our classes are designed to make you feel at home while getting the real feeling of authentic Thai cooking.


Standard price for each course is 1,250 baht (cash only).

For the first and second classes taken, the price is only 1,250 baht each.
For the third and fourth classes taken, the price is only 1,100 baht each.

IMMERSION SPECIAL– Want to really learn Thai cooking? If yes, sign up for our Immersion Special. With this special, you take any 10 of our courses and pay only 10,500 baht. In as little as 5 days, you can have completed 10 unique courses. If you choose to take all 12 courses, you simply pay 12,500 baht!! This special can be spread over 2 weeks, if you like.

Classes may be prepaid using PayPal. Contact us for details.

A pictured Certificate of Achievement is awarded to those completing 3 or more courses.

Note: We provide everything for the course. Just make sure to bring your appetite, as you will be able to eat all the tasty meals you prepare. We GUARANTEE your SATISFACTION. Come join us and have some fun!


Classes are offered Monday-Saturday, twice daily at 8:45-12:45 & 1:15-5:00. All morning classes start with a market tour. For those electing not to visit the market, they can meet at the actual academy at 9:15 am if attending the morning class or at 1:15 pm if attending the afternoon class.

*Morning classes begin at the Dunkin’ Donut stand which is at street level where BTS Asoke (Exit 3) and MRT Sukhumvit (Exit 3) intersect. Market tour follows. Afternoon classes meet at the Academy at 1:15 pm. See map on home page or on Map & Location page where more detailed directions and pictures of each meeting location are provided.

Morning and afternoon courses cover different meals. By taking both AM and PM courses for 5 consecutive days, you can complete 10 unique courses.

Note: Meals are prepared with minimal use of hot peppers. You, as the cook, can adjust the “heat” to your liking. Classes may be prepaid using PayPal.

Note: We teach 3 of the World’s 50 most delicious foods, according to CNN–#46 Som Tam (Courses 10 & 11), #8 Tom Yum Goong (Courses 1 & 12), and #1 Massaman Curry (Courses 5 & 11)

Go to this page at - Bangkok Thai Cooking Academy! and you will get all further details about their classes and their booking details there.

Wish you all a very good time cooking!
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