Saturday, March 27, 2010

Greekalicious - Traditional Greek Easter Celebration

Here are a few videos showing traditional Easter Celebrations. First one is

Greekalicious - Traditional Greek Easter Celebration

Maria Benardis founder of Greekalicious demonstrates how to celebrate a traditional Greek Easter with deliciously easy recipes on channel 9 TODAY Show, Australia 2007.    



Greekalicious - Traditional & Modern Greek Cooking
Introducing Maria Benardis of Greekalicious in Sydney Australia. Greekalicious offers an introduction to traditional and modern Greek cookery, the secret ingredients, the stories, the journeys, the culture and the history behind each dish. Presenter Melissa Hanley has also kindly produced this video.


Jacques Pepin's Easter Celebration

In this surprise-filled celebration of Spring, Jacques and Claudine Pepin prepare a sumptuous Easter dinner for friends, starting with Caviar served with Buckwheat Blini and Frozen Vodka — the perfect adult answer to Easter eggs. 


Happy Easter!
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