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All about Curry

All about Curry
Curry is a generic description used throughout European, American and Asian culture to describe a variety of spiced dishes. There is no special attribute that marks a dish as curry, but the distinctive spices used in the making of a curry , thought not certainly all curries identify the taste, flavour and aroma of that dish.

The spices used in curry sauce are given here along with their general effects. These ingredients are required also to make a curry powder.

Cardamom: improves appetite, relieves flatulence, and induces sweating

Turmeric: increases liver function, heals fatigue, and acts as an anticancer agent

Cumin: improve the appetite and digestion

Black pepper: stimulates appetite, digestion, and circulation

Coriander: helps purify the blood, induce sweating, and aid digestion

Red pepper: helps to improve heart and circulation, as well as induces sweating

Cinnamon: acts as a stimulant and detoxifier

Nutmeg: has analgesic effects and acts as a sleep aid

Fenugreek: brings down fever and helps with acid indigestion and diarrhea

Bay leaf: contributes to good digestion

Al the above ingredients are required in making a curry powder.

Curry's popularity has in recent decades spread from the Indian Continent to gigure prominently in International cuisine. All over the world the individual cultures have adapted spices in their indigenous cooking to suit their tastes, and cultural traditions.

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I'm sure you are all going to have a ball of a time, making and tasting all those fantastic curries! So Happy eating !
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