Saturday, August 1, 2015

How To Sharpen a Knife - Series of Videos

How To Sharpen a Knife  - Series of Videos

How to sharpen a knife with a stone - Sharp knives can cut your prep time in half, and, believe it or not, they're actually safer than dull knives—they're less likely to slip.


Knife Sharpening Techniques by Expert Thomas Stuckey - A Series of Videos.
Expert: Thomas Stuckey
Bio: Thomas Stuckey of Knife Sharpest has been sharpening knives for 20 years. He also designs and crafts custom knives and is a professional knife and tomahawk thrower.

Knife Sharpening : Knife Sharpening Techniques for Steel

When sharpening steel, hold the handle and brace the other end against a hard surface. Learn knife sharpening techniques for steel in this free tools video.


Knife Sharpening : Knife Sharpening: Whetstones

It's a good idea to have a two-sided whetstone for sharpening your knives. Learn how to sharpen knives using a whetstone in this free tools video.


Knife Sharpening : How to Sharpen Serrated Knives

A common mistake when sharpening serrated knives is to sharpen the backside. Learn how to sharpen serrated knives in this free tools video.


Knife Sharpening :

Common Mistakes

Some people make the mistake of beginning with a stone that is not coarse enough. Learn how to avoid common knife sharpening mistakes in this free tools video.


Knife Sharpening : Common Knife Sharpening Devices

Tri-stones and diamond stones are two common knife sharpening devices. Learn about common knife sharpening devices in this free tools video.


I am sure you are going to like the whole series very much as they give a lot of information. Look out for more such tips and tricks coming up.

Great Recipe Videos - Dough, Baking , Cakes, Pizzas

 Great Recipe Videos - Dough, Baking , Cakes, Pizza

Here are some of the top rated Recipe videos collected. The videos have been posted only on the basis of Top viewed Recipe videos. Some of them are unique in their content, some rated as the best, and some just great recipes to try out! Have a great time!

Making No-Knead Bread
Mark Bittman, a.k.a. The Minimalist, shares a recipe on how to make no-knead bread where the secret is letting the time do the work.

How to bake a GOOD Sponge Cake

Eggless sponge cake
This eggless sponge sheets will be used to make hundreds of different kinds of cakes

Black Forest Cake
Egg less cake ,made into Black Forest cake a valentines cake for Vegetarians.

How to make and pizza dough and bake it

Pizza Sauce
How to make pizza sauce

More to come up so keep a watch!

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Discovering Chinese Cuisine Videos

Discovering Chinese Cuisine Videos

China is a vast country with diverse climates, customs, products, and practices. People living in different regions maintain a wide variety of diets.
People in coastal areas eat more aquatic products and seafood, whereas those in central and northwest China eat more domestic animals and poultry. Foods vary from north to south, tastes also differ regionally because of the climatic differences. 

Discovering Chinese Cuisine is an original CCTV series looking into the exciting and multifaceted art of Chinese cooking. Here is a series of Videos which cover the topic of Discovering Chinese Cuisine. They go through the very basic as well as the very intrinsic features of Chinese Cuisine.Won't take much of your time and present you the series. Enjoy!

 Discovering Chinese Cuisine Part 1 - Optimal heating 


 Discovering Chinese Cuisine Part 2 -Culinary Knife Skills!


 Discovering Chinese Cuisine Part 3 -Spicy Food!


 Discovering Chinese Cuisine Part 4 -Tofu!


 Discovering Chinese Cuisine Part 5 -Chinese Pastry!


 Discovering Chinese Cuisine Part 6 - Chinese Aristocrat Cuisine.

 Discovering Chinese Cuisine Part 7 - Tableware!



The above were a series of short videos from the Chinese  CCTV serials. This last video is a longer Documentary video of almost an hour about Chinese Food. Hope you enjoy it!
China Food Journey - A Full Documentary.

Will be coming up with a series of similar videos on various Cuisine all over the World. Keep a Watch!